Leaves for Life
By Clare Melinsky

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
54.5 x 48 cm

Clare's lino cut prints show the strength and quality of the cut line and follow the style of traditional woodcuts.

Clare Melinsky grew up in Norwich and has worked as an illustrator ever since graduating from Central St. Martin College of Art. Having been in Dumfriesshire for over 30 years, her colourful lino cut print images are seen in many magazines and newspapers, book covers and wine labels. She is easily diverted from her lino cutting by the distractions of the garden outside the workroom window in south west Scotland.

Clare's past work includes stamps for Royal Mail and her remarkable illustrations for the new Harry Potter series book covers. She also enjoys gardening subjects and has illustrated over 100 plants for a weekly column in the Saturday Telegraph newspaper.

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