By Dawn Wiseman

Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
56 x 76.5 cm

This piece depicts a town landscape in front of a river. While this composition might at first appear simplistic, it contains very delicate lines. The sequence of doors with blue and purple tones, have organic strokes and a certain level of realism. The most important and refined part of the piece is the delicatessen, as if it was encouraging the viewer to enter. The delicatessen has a central position on the canvas and is highlighted by the use of a yellow mustard colour that stands out from the opaque blue. All the other buildings seem to be just part of the scene, based on the imprints of diverse memories.
This colourful work is a linocut, a technique where the artist cuts away part of the lino sheet, inks up the sheet and prints it onto paper. This technique favours strong bold shapes and flat colours as is demonstrated in this lively work. The layers of paper also help to define the different planes that build the overall landscape. This work shows Dawn's interest in pattern - as seen in the different textures on the building facades which represent the reflection of the sun on the buildings.

Dawn's journeys have been a source of inspiration. She was influenced by the colour of houses and buildings during a trip to Ireland. She also likes to include South American textile motifs - a source of inspiration from her trip to Guatemala and Mexico. Dawn has also travelled to Barcelona and Amsterdam.
Dawn was born in Scotland in 1973 and is a print textile and surface pattern designer. In 1995 she studied Design and Craft at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen where she specialised in textiles and surface decoration. She has been involved in fashion, painting and printed wood engraving for book illustrations. She has exhibited at the Highland Printmakers in Inverness, at the Marischal Museum in Aberdeen and at the Dignon Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, where she exhibited cushion designs.

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