Portrait of a Child
By Sarah Leonard

Subject Matter
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78 x 72 cm

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Sarah Leonard's 'Portrait of a Child' depicts a child standing amidst foliage. The figure which takes up a large part of the image has been painted in vibrant watercolours with paint bleeding between one part of the image and the next. The shapes are therefore soft with no lines demarking sections of the image apart from a dark outline around the child. The figure of the child stares directly out at the viewer with an expectant and questioning look, with her head tilted to the side. The vivid colours and gestural application of paint gives the work a lot of energy.

Sarah Leonard studied at Edinburgh College of Art (1979-82) and then spent seven years living in London before returning to Glasgow in the early nineties. She has travelled extensively in Europe to places such as Venice, Florence and Rome, and her experiences in these locations have informed much of her drawing and painting. Her work is included in many private collections both in Britain, Ireland and abroad.

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