Oil Seed Rape Field
By Shona McCracken

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
93.5 x 94 cm

This is a large, impressionistic painting of an oil seed rape field. The field which takes up most of the painting and gives the viewer the impression of standing in the field. The rape crop is conveyed using thick brushstrokes in dark green, which gives way to light green and then yellow as it moves upwards, using long, thin brushstrokes to depict the stalks and bold, short strokes for the yellow flowers scattered through the field. The trees at the top of the piece are painted with dark green and brown brushstrokes, applied thickly. The sky, although it forms only a small part of the painting, stretches broadly over the trees, formed by the flowing brushstrokes of the clouds.

McCracken says of this piece that; "This field took my interest through its vivacious, bright, yet simple colours. The yellow of the rapeflower being more striking in the foreground against the blue/green of the stems. What I tried to capture here was the dark band of trees and hills in the background, with a spray of rapeflower helping the two to merge. My paintings are about capturing moments of time showing changing seasons and colourings in the land, and trying to preserve our ever-changing Scottish landscape"

Shona McCracken was born in 1974 and studied at the Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen from 1992 to 1996, where she won the Coopers & Lybrand Solicitors purchase prize.

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