Long Weekend, Amsterdam
By Lucy Westwood

Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
132 x 53 cm

As an artist Westwood exploits drawing and printmaking techniques. Her work is largely an immediate response to her surroundings, capturing a transient scene or a familiar place seen anew. An example of this is the consistent use of birds as a motif, finding inspiration in both their presence in our day to day lives and in the freedom they enjoy.

Lucy Westwood was born in Cambridge in 1974. She graduated from Dundee University in 1996, gaining Honours in illustration and printmaking. Westwood currently lives in Cairo, Egypt, and continues to be part of both solo and group exhibitions in both the UK and Egypt, and consistently appears as part of the yearly ‘On Caravan’ Exhibition. Her current work combines linocuts with watercolours. In addition to her prints, Westwood undertakes commercial commissions creating work for book covers, greeting cards and wrapping paper. Having studied education at Homerton College, Cambridge, she also brings her skills as an artist to help educate others, currently holding a position of Head of Art at the Modern English School, Cairo.

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