By Amy Page

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
63 x 85 cm

This piece depicts a lobster caught off the coast of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides in 1993 and presented to the artist by a friend. Page claims that "the interesting shapes and vivid colours of lobsters have always made me want to draw them."

The lobster takes up most of the available space in the painting: its warm, yellow-orange colouring contrasts with the dark grey background to bring the lobster to life.

Page claims that "to make the most of [the lobster], I drew and photographed it (before and after cooking, as the colours change so dramatically)... I then very much enjoyed doing drawings, paintings and monoprints using the shapes and colours."

Amy Page trained at the Brighton College of Art and Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. She has exhibited several times, including twice at the Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh, twice in London and once at the Victory Gallery, Sussex. These exhibits included a variety of artworks including monoprints, paintings, weavings and wall hangings.