By David Henderson

Subject Matter
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87 x 87 cm

Hopeman is a small, seaside village on the coast of the Moray Firth. This piece contains two images, each depicting Hopeman's beaches. They are contained inside a border inspired by forms found in the landscape. Henderson says that his work "is a response to, rather than a depiction of place and time [sic].”
The upper image is the larger of the two, separated from the lower image by a thin white line. It depicts large, solid rocks created with strong lines, with a range of tones to form shadows and create the impression of different levels and crevasses. The rocks curve in terraces leading towards the sea, though the outcrops become fewer as the beach reaches into the sea, which meets the sky at the top of the print. The colours of the foreground are darker, and gradually become lighter as the eyes follows towards the sea. Together with the dark sky and there are dark lines running diagonally from the upper- right, this creates the impression of encroaching bad weather.

The lower print has the pale, washed-out feel of a hot summer’s day. The beach reaches towards the horizon, mirroring the form in the upper image. The rocks are painted in a subtle grey-green, which does not detract from the sepia monotone effect.

This work is an end print from a triptych depicting towns in Moray– the other end piece depicts Cullen, the central panel is of Burghead. These prints was commissioned by Peacock Printers in Aberdeen for an exhibition that invited artists to revisit the Scottish coastal sites of engravings produced by William Daniel in 1815.

David Henderson studied Design & Craft (Printmaking) at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, as well as gaining an MBA at Aberdeen Business School in 1999. His awards include the Samuel Pope Meda for Art in 1974, the Aberdeen Visual Arts Award in 2004 and the Royal Scottish Society of Watercolourists Council Award in 2006 He has exhibited widely throughout Scotland. He is a Teaching Fellow at Robert Gordon University and is a professional member of The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours

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