By Donna Hislop

Reg. Number
67 x cm

This piece was commissioned by Paintings in Hospitals Scotland in 1996, with each panel depicting 4 months of the year through various techniques of collage and mixed media, capturing the essence of the changing seasons.

January: Winter is depicted through faint colours and tracing paper, swirling clouds, snow, blue/grey/purple hues.

February: On tracing paper again, but slightly warmer, with hints of green and ideas of melting and cracking as winter and the ice fade away.

March: Bright, green and fresh, elements are defined, the paper is bright and yellow.

April: April is geometric - an encompassing kaleidoscope evoking rain through blue hues and directional elements, the paper is clear and white.

May: "Bounteous May" is green and fresh with delicate paper like petals, recalling growth.

June: Full, green, dark, rich trees with a sense of clarity and brightness.

July: July is playful, bountiful and full of bright flowers, set on yellow transparency

August: Pale orange, blazing colour, delicate, burnt paper evoking heat and sun.

September: Fragmented and geometric, white paper and earthy tones, a clear change in season.

October: Dark, burgundy paper mysterious and ghostly with falling leaves, shadows and broken leaves.

November: Silver paper, icy, swirling wind, snow, the scene is chaotic, winter is on its way.

December: Christmas, warmth, festive colours, cold outside but cosy inside. Elements of wrapping paper like presents.

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