Happy Birthday
By Anne Moore

Mixed Media and Collage Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
103 x 81.5 cm

In this brightly coloured collage work handmade card, fragments of wrapping paper and a child's blackboard drawing combine to conjure up memories of childhood and birthday parties. A characteristic fragment of an old style printed calendar has a date ringed in red, signifying the "big day".

Primary colours and silhouettes of old fashioned looking children hark back to birthday parties in the past, perhaps the artist's own youth, rather than the present day. The red frame, contrasting with the bold blue ground of the image, also alludes to childhood colour schemes and drawings, adding further to the wistful and historic feel of the piece.

Anne Moore is a graduate of Gray's College of Art in Aberdeen and this piece was purchased at the artist's degree show there.

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