Zoom Bird and Bees
By Pat Douthwaite

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Abstract - Animals
Reg. Number
105.5 x 96.5 cm

In this large hypnotic painting, a red bird whose form defines a roughly shaped cross, flies over an organically shaped body or cavern of deep dark green. Two friendly looking bumble bees fly randomly in the scene. This painting was originally commissioned for a maternity ward and interprets the theme of the birds and bees with warmth and wit.

Pat Douthwaite (1939-2002) was born in Glasgow. As a child she was trained in mime, movement and dance by Margaret Morris, the wife of artist J.D Fergusson. Although Fergusson gave her art lessons she did not to go to art school and was thus largely self taught. She later left Glasgow and moved to Suffolk to live with a group of artists there. In East Anglia she had a ten year marriage to the artist and illustrator, Paul Hogarth, after which she led a nomadic existence, living but never settling, in different parts of Scotland. She travelled widely in Europe, North Africa, India and South America. Although she exhibited regularly, her highly individual style often led to her being seen as something of an outsider from the mainstream art world.

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