Boats at Procida
By Leon Morrocco

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Sea and Boats - Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
110 x 116 cm

This piece by Leon Morrocco is typical of his style of art. It uses bold and vibrant colours to reflect the traditional Italian themes and shows a very typical Italian scene. The paint work used is very thick and heavy, almost gluttonous to look at, which again reflects the Italian life style of a love for excellent cuisine.

There is a rich luxuriousness to the piece and, despite the scene being that of very traditional, working class town, there is an elegance and class that exudes from the painting. It shows a series of boats, well painted and maintained, ready to go out on the seas. There is a very relaxed atmosphere, again, a very typical Italian theme, and the people in the scene seem to be going about their usual day to day business.

There is heavy use of shadow that is almost exaggerated; in fact, everything in the painting is quite exaggerated with the heavy use of line and the overtly bright colours. This suggests an almost romantic feel to the image, an over the top, summer's day in a little town on this Italian island, with not a cloud in the sky, and the ever so perfect and unblemished tones, which are so brightly reflected by the sun. A very warm palette has been used on this piece, and even looking at this work of art can make you imagine you are standing on the dock side on a hot sunny day.

Leon's work mainly focuses on landscapes or still life, and views and scenes from his travels. His work includes representations from Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, France and Australia. He works mainly in paint, mostly oil paint, but also gouache and pastels. He centres his collections on series of landscapes and shows an extreme passion for vibrant colour.

Leon Morrocco was born in Scotland in 1942 to Italian-Scottish parentage. His father, Alberto Morrocco, was also a famous painter, and it would seem this has had a lot of influence on his son. Leon studied firstly at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, he then went on to further his studies at the Slade School of Fine art in London, and the Edinburgh College of Art. After this, Leon was awarded a scholarship for the Accademia Di Brera In Milan.

All of this was influential in his work and provided him with a vast and strong knowledge base for the career he would embark on. Upon finishing his studies, Leon began his career by taking up a post as a lecturer in drawing and painting at the Edinburgh College of Art and another similar position at the Glasgow School of Art.

In 1984, Leon decided to leave teaching in order to dedicate all his time to painting. He has had huge success here in Scotland and in Australia, where he has held many individual exhibitions, and his work is held in many large galleries, including The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

With thanks to the Portland Gallery for artist information

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