By Lesley Thomson

Printmaking Textiles and Craft
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home - Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
49 x 69 cm

This is one of a series of screenprints produced by Lesley Thomson in 1997. She says 'Effectively they acted as sketches and preparatory work for bigger textiles pieces which were commissioned and designed for a variety of public settings..I wanted to explore how textile printing techniques could be used to create large scale one off pieces.' She has long believed in the importance of introducing art into healthcare environments; researching this from 1991 for her PhD, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. Of her PhD she writes "my particular area of research is the implication and application of colour through art and design as an agent in the hospital environment."

Lesley Thomson is an artist based in Aberdeen. She was commissioned to make some large textile pieces for public places and this sketch was made as preparatory work. It is a screenprint on plain cotton fabric. She has long believed in the importance of introducing art into healthcare environments and researched this at Gray's School of Art for her PhD.

The screenprinting process is usually a method based on using stencils where each colour is printed one at a time. This is a screenprint on plain white cotton fabric. It is possible that five colours were used and some of the inks are opaque and others are more transparent. Where colours have been printed on top of one another a new colour is created.

Lesley was born in 1965 and lives in Aberdeen. She says 'I trained firstly in design (textiles) gaining a first class honours from Grays School of Art. During this period I was lucky to have Malcolm McCoig, a first class printmaker as my tutor and he influenced my style of work and the decision to not focus on traditional textile design'. In 1988 she was awarded an M.A in Public Art, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee. She has collaborated with artists who have learning disabilities and exhibited work throughout Scotland.

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