Barrel Collage
By Pauline Burbidge

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
63 x 78 cm

This paper collage depicts a dark barrel wrapped in tape, reminiscent of barrier tape used by emergency services. The background is colourful, and there is a dark shadow on the wall to the left of the barrel. Collage involves forces cutting, shaping and assembling different materials to create an image, which in this example is abstract. Collage gives depth and tangibility the work lend it a sense of dimensionality similar to sculpture.

The use of paper collage is a deviation from Pauline Burbidge’s usual medium of fabric, but collage has more in common with textiles than is immediately apparent: both are created by assembling and interweaving parts together to create a cohesive whole. Indeed, Burbidge has stated that ‘in recent years I have chosen to make paper collage studies as a starting point for my fabric work.’

Burbidge is drawn to fabric, colour and traditional patchwork quilts, though she claims that her ‘imagery is far from traditional’. She works with different images and as a designer, craftsperson and textile artist she assembles the parts to create imaginative and interesting works. She is inspired by her surroundings of which she takes photographs to help in her work. This piece also conveys this sense of finding inspiration in the everyday. The colours are particularly striking, with a prominence of orange dotted with tribal patterns. This collage mixes different materials but also different styles.

Pauline Burbidge was born in Dorset and lives in Scotland. She studied Fashion and Textiles at the London School of Fashion. Her work is held in public collections such as the Victoria & Albert and Glasgow Museums, and she exhibits internationally, mostly in the US and UK. She has been included in a number of group exhibitions, as well as presented in books, journals, and on television. She also teaches and has written a number of guides to quilting. Burbidge IS inspired by her love of fabric, colour and traditional patchwork quilts, and thinks of herself as a designer, craftsperson and textile artist. She often uses all these abilities on an individual piece.

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