Deep Sea
By Susan Beasley

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
238 x 184 cm

'Deep Sea' by Susan Beasley depicts formless shapes like jellyfish which appear to be moving through shafts of light in an otherwise dark sea. The overall feeling of the painting is tranquility, communicated to us via shades of blue. The blue hues give depth and movement to the painting. They also create a short foreground. There is some comfort in the sunlight which leaves flashes in the immediate foreground but just behind the floating objects there is a deeply claustrophobic, almost black background.

There are many floating shapes in this painting yet they appear to be moving together, in harmony with the sea. We understand their movement to be unstressed because there are no signs of chaos in the painting. We can imagine them moving slowly, enjoying the comfort of sunlight while maintaining awareness of the threats which lurk in the extreme darkness. The painter seems to be informing us that there is great contrast within the sea - it can be brilliantly bright or fearfully dark.

Susan Beasley is interested in the changing patterns of water's surface and capturing its atmosphere. Her recent work experiments with imaginary undersea landscapes inhabited by formless creatures. Susan received her degree in Fine Art: Painting at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen 1994-1998.

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