An Exhibition Curated by Joe Raffles

In 2022 we invited four early career curators to work with the Art in Healthcare Collection and team.  Our aim was to provide early career opportunities post-pandemic and to gain fresh perspectives on the collection and how it could be curated to meet the needs of health, social care and community settings. The programme was supported by Museum Galleries Scotland.

Joe Raffles:

I am a practicing artist born and working in Edinburgh. The Museum and Galleries Scotland opportunity allowed me time to curate a body of work from Art and Healthcare’s collection. It offered me the chance learn the curatorial process alongside the chance to explore the history of the collections archive which has been incredibly beneficial and insightful. Looking through Art In Healthcare’s extensive collection, I was able to find a number of lesser known artworks that I feel should be highlighted and displayed. 
My final selection from the collection and archive focuses largely on printmaking, drawing and painting from Scotland stretching from the 70s to the 90s, with some later works also selected. There was a diverse range of mark making throughout the collection. I have curated and exhibition that explores this, made in Edinburgh and wider Scotland. The Art in Healthcare’s collection holds over 1,500 artworks. 
I used Graeme Todd’s Late Night Reader, my former painting tutor at Edinburgh College of Art as my starting point. My final selection of works include artists who use printmaking, painting and collage who shared either an aesthetic or narrative relationship to Todd’s work.

8 February 2024 by

Amy Miles