We are committed to equity and will be flexible and open as we work to understand and adapt to the needs of individuals and communities. 

We are working with partners to ensure that all venues where our activities take place are physically accessible, comfortable and safe for all.  We aim to only work in spaces that are accessible via public transport and can accommodate all access needs.

We accept the limitations of being a tenant in a building but are proactively working with our landlord and the other tenants to improve accessibility throughout our premises.  

We are working towards ensuring that we improve the accessibility of both our physical and digital communications. We will use clear language, ensure that text is easily readable with different formats available. 

We are committed to working in partnership to continually improve access in our recruitment procedures

We are committed to regular review and improvement.

Equality pledge

Our Equality Pledge used the Human Rights Framework FREDA:


We make a commitment to being open, transparent, and accountable and aim to ensure our work is accessible and inclusive to all.


We take time to build relationships and trust. We welcome, listen and aim to understand without judgement, valuing diverse perspectives, experiences and choices. 


No one should be discriminated against and we recognise some people require additional help and support; we are flexible and adaptable to different needs.


We treat people with compassion and create safe spaces where people feel a sense of self-worth and empowerment.


We take a person-centred approach and support people to have choice and be involved decision making and issues that affect them, our services and relationships with others. 

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