If you are interested in our work, one way to get more involved is by becoming a Friend. Our Friends make fixed, annual or quarterly donations to allow us to continue with our important and much-needed work. By becoming a Friend you will help us to:

  • Continue to provide creative workshops that support the mental and physical health of adults free at the point of delivery 
  • Improve health, social care and community venues by subsiding our art rental programme

We want our creative workshops to be available to everyone that would benefit from participating and so we do not charge for them. We also want to continue to place art works from our excellent collection into health, social care and community settings but can only do this if we are able to meet the significant annual costs relating to conservation and maintenance, curation, insurance and storage. We do charge a rental fee for art works but this is a highly subsidised service.

We fundraise in many different ways, and our Friend’s Programme is a way for individuals or couples to support our work and to become more closely involved with the charity. 

The benefits of becoming a Friend

When you become a Friend you will be receive:

  • Two newsletter per annum
  • Invitations to three exclusive events per annum – Spring, Autumn and Winter
  • Opportunities to hear about new acquisitions and meet artists
  • Priority access to limited-edition card sets
  • Occasional discount offers on our range of limited-edition prints

To become a Friend

Join today and become part of our community. You can subscribe as an individual Friend for £40 a year (4 payments of £10) or £60 for a couple at the same address (4 payments of £15).

Simply print and complete this form: