ENCOUNTERS is a dementia inclusive art book designed to stimulate communication, spark the imagination and provide a focus for conversation and being creative.  It was designed to provide new ways for people with dementia to interact with their carer or loved one, but we hope the publication is useful for anyone to use as a way into an artwork.  

It aims to bring pleasure, prompt response and help people to make new connections with one another and with art. We believe that art can stimulate communication in ways that can be rich, diverse and creative. Art can evoke mood and offer connections based on memory and the imagination. 

Featuring 20 works of art from the Art in Healthcare collection, the book offers words and phrases to help prompt discussion and explore ideas.    

Is the image fascinating, reminiscent, unusual, exotic?  

Does it inspire a story?  

Art can depict recognisable features such as an animal, a bird or a place. What lies beyond recognition? Is there a memory? Does recognition prompt a new idea or connection?  

Abstract art can create patterns, shapes and colour. Do they inspire meaning? Can the composition of a painting such as swirling patterns and strong shapes inspire movement?  

Some works of art contain a lot of detail. Is there some small part of the image that draws the eye? Does the work of art have sections, parts, elements that inspire? 

Please help yourself to this free download of the publication – we wanted it to be available to everyone during this difficult time. If you need some time out, use it to take you into some artwork for 5 minutes or to connect with someone through discussion. 

The production of the book was supported by BTO Solicitors LLP and it was created in partnership with artist Heather Lucchesi from Light Bulb Arts.  


15 April 2020 by

Art in Healthcare