Taking Art Home | Luminate

Take a look at Jeni’s Blog post about our “Taking Art Home” project which is in partnership with Luminate, South Lanarkshire Council…

Referring back – the challenges of accessing support for participants in crisis

During our work on Room for Art, we have identified a lack of access to support and referral routes when participants need help and are in crisis. Sadly, this situation has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic……

Room for Art Doodle and Colour Book – FREE DOWNLOAD

Use this book to colour in, add pattern and doodle around. Hopefully you will find it relaxing, calming and fun and if you’ve not done any art for a long time…this is a good place to start….

How does art help health and wellbeing?

Some of our artists and participants tell us about how taking part in art workshops can contribute to improving health and wellbeing…

Exhibition at the Scottish Parliament December 2021

In order to showcase current projects and to mark 30 years since Art in Healthcare was founded in 1991 we had an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament from 7th – 9th of December 2021. This showcase raised awareness of our work within community and healthcare settings with MSPs and policy makers….

Carers Rights Day 2021

It is so important that Carers get that chance to take a break from time to time and we’ve been reflecting on the role can art play in providing support. Here is some of our learning….

Art and Minds – Taking Room for Art a step further

This blog looks at what we’ve learnt and what the impacts have been of our Art Therapy Pilot that we’ve undertaken this year to support participants that are part of Room for Art….

5 ways to be environmentally aware when making room for art

We all know that making art is great for our health and minds, but many art materials do have an impact on the environment and can create a lot of waste. Knowing a bit more and being mindful of how we use and dispose of materials can make the whole creative process even more satisfying. Here are some tips on how to make room for art in as environmentally friendly a way as possible….

5 tips to help you make room for art at home

During lockdown there are so many examples of people being creative at home, but it can be hard to get going. There always 101 things to around the house, you may not have the space, it just gets difficult to get motivated to make anything especially during such a difficult time. Once we start though, it can really help our mental health; take us away from those worries, those bad news reports, calm us down, energise us… We’ve asked our workshop artists and participants what helps them make room for art and come up with 5 tips. Let us know what you find helpful…….

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is described by NHS Health Scotland as ‘an approach (or range of approaches) for connecting people with non-medical sources of support or resources within the community which are likely to help with the health problems they are experiencing’….

Encounters – FREE DOWNLOAD

ENCOUNTERS is a dementia inclusive art book designed to stimulate communication, spark the imagination and provide a focus for conversation and being creative. It was designed to provide new ways for people with dementia to interact with their carer or loved one, but we hope the publication is useful for anyone to use as a way into an artwork….

Leuchie House Project

Artist Emily Learmont reports on the art workshops she held in Leuchie House, a venue that hosts short breaks for people with long-term neurological and physical conditions. This project was funded by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group….