In 2022 Heart of Newhaven got the keys to the former Victoria Primary School in Newhaven, Edinburgh. Extensive consultation had identified a list of priorities, which included arts, culture and heritage.  

With the support of the National Lottery Award for All Scotland we worked in partnership with the team at Heart of Newhaven to develop a pilot project. The project aimed to explore how our large art collection could be used in community spaces and how best to support co-curation with residents in the area. Artist/curator Jamie Dyer led the work, which resulted in many interesting conversations. The project emphasised collaboration, creative place making, and the role of art in evolution of the Heart of Newhaven space.

Starting as a series of workshops in drawing, print making, sculpture and experimental photography the project then moved to an informal weekly discussion on selected themes of contemporary art.

Once refurbishment work is complete, art from the collection, chosen by participants, will hang at Heart of Newhaven for an extended period. 

6 July 2023 by

Amy Miles