Room for Art trip to Carlowrie Castle

Our Room for Art groups had a wonderful day trip yesterday to Carlowrie Castle, birthplace of Arctic explorer, botanist, writer and artist Isobel Wylie Hutcheson.

We were treated to a tour of the castle and gardens and a lovely lunch.

Our groups also enjoyed artworkshops in weaving with foraged plants, yarns and textiles and modelling with beeswax hosted by Art Buds Collective in the pavilion & garden.

A Big thanks to all Carlowrie Castle for such an enjoyable and inspiring day out.

Above image: Workshop at Carlowrie Castle

Above Image: Our workshop participants receiving a tour of Carlowrie Castle

Above image: A view of Carlowrie Castle from the garden

Above image: One of the beautiful works produced during our workshop

24 April 2024 by

Amy Miles